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Awesome Alert: Zoya Rings in the New Year

According to Zoya, you need a new manicure to roll in the new year. Fortunately for us, they are putting their money where their mouth is and hooking a girl up. Starting Monday, January, 7th through January 13th Zoya is offering to ship 3 FULL SIZE polishes for just the cost of shipping! Just add 3 colors to your cart and use promo code ZOYA2013 to get this super sweet deal. For more details on the deal check out the Zoya Blog. What colors have you been dying to try this year?

Awesome Alert: Nordstrom Rack Is At It Again!

I had some free time yesterday afternoon, so I decided to kill some time with some window shopping. I stopped by the Nordstrom Rack and to my delight and surprise, they were once again stocked to the brim with high end beauty products at fantastic prices. So, I took some photos to give you lot the skinny. Here is what is currently on sale:

Instagram Photo

Urban Decay 5 pencil sets! Available in the 24/7 Glide-on pencils ($18.97 for the set, normally $19 each) and the EyeShadow pencils ($11.97 for the set, normally $20 each).

Instagram Photo

The Smasbox “Click You’re It” eyeshadow palatte. This one comes with a mini eyeshadow primer and 5 cream eyeliners. This retailed full price at $49, Nordstrom Rack now has it priced at $22.97.

Instagram Photo

Another Ubran Decay set, the “Mindnight Emergency” eyeshadow kit. This comes with 4 shadows, a full sized lip junkie lip gloss and an eyeshadow brush. Originally $39, now $21.97. Urban Decay also has this on their website listed at $22 if you can’t make it out to a Nordstrom Rack. Check it out here.

Instagram Photo

These Stila kits are priced at $14.97 each. The liner kit are full sized and in neutral colors, normally one liner retails at $20, so this is a ridiculous deal. Stila also has a bunch of products in addition to the two kits I have featured here. The eyeshadow kits I posted about last time (click here to see) are still available. They also had lipgloss trios available.

Instagram Photo

And, a ton of Urban Decay full size primer potions in the old genie bottle. I think the color available was Sin (the price sticker was in the way of reading it!). These are priced $8.97 each, normally $20 each.

As I mentioned above, Urban Decay does have some nice deals on their website as well. If you don’t live near a Nordstrom Rack check out their site here to score something fun.


Do You DIY? Turquoise Rock Nails

Today I have a tutorial for creating nails that look like the gemstone Turquoise.

Before we start, who here identifies as DIY-challenged? [Raises hand]. And who thinks that they couldn’t execute “nail art” in a million years? [Raises hand more adamantly].

Ok, good. Now that we have that established, let’s move forward with the hardest nail art DIY tutorial ever created!

You will need two things:

– Glossy black nail polish (Pictured here is Rimmel Lasting Finish Lycra Wear in #339 “Black Satin”)
– Blue or Turquoise crackle nail polish (Pictured here is China Glaze Crackle Glaze in “Crushed Candy” ps- I got mine on clearance from Ulta for $3)
* Optional: base and topcoat (Pictured here is Lori Greiner by Orly Rubberized basecoat and Seche Vite dry fast topcoat, my fave!)


Paint your nails black. This should be opaque, if it isn’t, paint a 2nd coat, okay lady? Cool.


Paint one coat of the crackle polish over the entire nail. The thicker your lay the polish on, the bigger the cracks will be. Let it dry completely. Pictured here are nails at various stages of drying; please beware, this is really fun to watch. Add a topcoat to extend the life of the polish, if your heart desires such.

And then you’re done. Nail art accomplished!

You see what I did there? Clearly, if you can even messily paint your nails you can pull this off. If you happen to make a boo-boo on your cuticle, just grab a cotton swab and some nail polish remover and wipe it away.

Now go try it, and tweet me your finished manicure (@handmadevintage), I would love to see what you ladies come up with.

11 Dishes to Bring to a Summer Party

With summer comes a slew of get-togethers; pool parties, bbq’s, potlucks. Most require a “dish to pass.” Before you give yourself a headache trying to come up with a unique party dish that no one else will bring, check out this list of some of my favorite summer party fare. These are tried and true recipes that always please a crowd.

Cheddar Cheese Puffs

People seriously can’t get enough of these. I’m still getting requests for more from my last party…in January.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Cold Veggie Pizza

One of my faves as a kid, really. It’s easy to make but looks like it took forever (it will be our secret).

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Margherita Pasta Salad

It’s not a summer party without pasta salad. Step it up from the basic pasta salad with this Margherita version.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

These are really really ridiculously tasty. Really who doesn’t like bacon?

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Sweet Onion Dip

Dip of any kind is always necessary at a get together.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread

These have a surprisingly sweet and tangy flavor.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Blueberry Buckle

Blueberries and cinnamon crumble topping are like the epitome of summer.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Lemon cookies

Cookies as bright and lovely as the sun.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Puppy Chow

The best grazing snack ever invented.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Triple Berry Tiramisu

I think it might be a sin to not include fresh fruit at a summer party.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Avocado Pops

A little unconventional, but super refreshing.

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


No Doubt a Comeback

photo source:

Ever since No Doubt’s ska-ballad single “Don’t Speak,” the band has held a special place in many a heart. After a near ten year hiatus, they are finally back with a new single, “Settle Down.” The new album, Push and Shove,  is set to release on September 25th.

The single is on point with what we would hope to hear from a more worldly version of the band. You can hear the undercurrents of their ska band past. Mixed in are dub-step breakdowns and Caribbean dance music influences. The new album is produced by Diplo, who worked recently with MIA. With this frame of reference, it is easy to hear the MIA-style beats the weave throughout the single as well. Oh, and then there is that sick catchy chorus. Everything leads to the a wonderfully matured version of what we loved of the ’90s No Doubt.

The video smacks of a tongue-in-cheek style that No Doubt has become synonymous with and Stefani looks in-humanly good; dare I say, even younger than she did back in the ’90s. Check out the new song and video for yourself below.

Girl Crushed: Mila Kunis

There are so few young actresses today that have matured as gracefully and captured leading lady status as successfully at Mila Kunis.  So, today I wanted to honor talented Mila as the Girl Crush of the Month.


Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Mila launched her acting career at 14 with her role of Jackie on “That 70’s Show.” As Jackie matured, Mila followed suit and blossomed into the poised woman we see in films today such as “Black Swan” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”


Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Recently, Mila was also named the new face of Dior, producing a slew of more fantastic photos to girl crush drool over.


Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Few actors are able to pull off both serious and comedic roles. Mila’s ability to do this and maintain a healthy personal life solidify her as our Girl Crush of the Month!


Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Who is your girl crush? Tell me in the comments below, they could be featured next month along with your commentary.

5 Nail Art Tutorials To Try This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to be a little creative with your nails. Even if you wouldn’t normally rock a crazy color these simple to create looks will jazz up any manicure.

Fishtails aren’t just braids this summer.


It’s geometry, baby!


Rose bouquets (looks cool on black, turquoise and yellow backgrounds too!)


Water marbling, super easy for non “artists”


Ombre for your nails, word.

Tips & Tricks: The un-chapped *ss

Today I wanted to share another radical trick. I say radical because it is weird. Please don’t ask how I even figured this out because I couldn’t properly relay the story, suffice to say, I was pretty desperate. Now that you really want to try it, onto the trick…

Often during the summer, when it is so hot that every inch of you is moist (mohaha, how many of you hate that word?), the only thing that cures the heat is a flirty skirt. Ahh, breezy. Perfect, until you walk, anywhere. Moist + moving = chafing. Gag, just what you need, right? Well ladies (and gents?) I have the answer to prevent this terrible and painful problem, AND it is a personal care product that literally everyone has and uses daily.

Wait for it….

Just put on some deodorant!

Seriously. Slather a bit on any area that you typically chafe and you are good to go. Any type of stick deodorant on hand should do. It helps stop excess moisture while providing almost a second skin protection. As with any topical product, I wouldn’t recommend putting this on broken skin, right after shaving or on any internal areas (hopefully this is a duh).

I tested this out again the other day and it really does work. I was out and about on an 88 degree day and I walked about two miles, it prevented chafing thighs completely. Without this trick, I’m usually spent by the end of the block.

Hopefully this lovely, and super convenient, trick will prevent chafing catastrophe for you too!

Happy 4th of July!

As you read this I am currently on my way to the glorious beaches of northern Michigan for a mini summer vacation. I’ll be back next week with photos of the excursion to share. Enjoy the fireworks tonight!


Welcome to the World Wide News: Week of June 17th

And in this last week on Pinterest:

Tasty cool treats…

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Intense sand castle building…

Source: via Marine on Pinterest


The best way ever to hang photos…

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest


Necessary cuteness…

Source: via Leah on Pinterest


An international beach vacay in the land of Michigan…

Source: via Handmade on Pinterest


Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far, stay cool!